Catalogue: bomb043
Formats: LP
Released: Jun 2017

Yorkshire’s finest pervayors of melodic, mid-paced punk rock return with their sophomore album.

It’s been a good while since Zapiain unleashed their blistering debut, Jibberjabber, back in 2011, with the band only popping up to cover the Thundercats theme tune and release a split 7” with Canadian Rifle in the interim.

Fortunately Giantnormous not only follows the bands penchant for quirky album titles, it also nicely follows on musically from it’s predecessor. This is music free from pretension, stripped back to it’s bare essentials in a way that betrays the band’s 3-piece, “power-trio” make-up and it’s all the better for it.

From opener “My New Home” through to album closer, “Sunrise”, Giantnormous features more peaks than its gorgeous cover art. From the breakneck punk of “Zapplecross” to the melancholic “Shotgun” and the classic UK pop-punk of “Mislaid Eyes”, it’s clear Zapiain aren’t reinvented the wheel here even as they push their own sound in a few surprising directions. If it ain’t broke though... and fans of such 90s heroes as Jawbreaker, Leatherface or Samiam will once again find themselves in the sweetest of familiar territories.

Giantnormous is a co-release between Bombed Out and All In Vinyl Records and is being released on limited edition blue vinyl, ensuring the record looks as good as it sounds.


  1. My New Home
  2. Promises Promises
  3. Survivor
  4. Antimatter
  5. Shotgun
  6. Twin Geeks
  7. Zapplecross
  8. Sulk and Beg
  9. Without Warning
  10. Mislaid Eyes
  11. Sunrise

Chris Hall - Guitar & vocals
Chris Haigh - Bass & Vocals
James Booth - Drums & Vocals


  • Zapiain - Giantnormous
  • Zapiain - Jibberjabber
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