Bombed Out RSS News Feed Bombed Out Records News RSS ( en-corp Bombed Out Sat, 18 May 24 22:36:24 +0000 15 Peachfuzz return with their 5th studio album <h4>South Wales' finest underground power-pop devotees return with their 5th album</h4> <p>Never wanting to release the same record twice, the current <strong>Peachfuzz</strong> line-up of Adam Jones (guitar/voice), Matthew Griffiths (bass/voice) and Jimmy Tiley (drums) have taken things back to basics with their latest album, <em>There's A Sadness At The Heart Of Everything</em>. </p> <p>Song lengths have been snipped and the layered guitar mangling has been stripped. The tunes and the harmonies remain (you can't teach an old dog new tricks) and a light production (courtesy of Adam's home recording set-up) seal the deal to give the record a sincerity and warmth that their 70s power-pop heroes would be proud of.</p> <p>The album releases the 27th October, 2023 and you can <a href="'s-a-sadness-at-the-heart-of-everything">order it now on CD or digital</a>. As a taster this is the first song taken from the album:</p> <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe> Slow Science mini-tour <h4>8 years after their last tour, Slow Science are playing a handful of dates with buddies, Sounds of Swami</h4> <p>Fresh from playing the recent Manchester Punk Fest, this August our favourite anthemic-punk Southerners (heh) are hitting the road to play Leeds, Cambridge and London for what the band are calling the 'Years Have Not Been Kind To Them' Weekender. To be fair the years have not been kind to any of us! </p> <p>Dates below:</p> <p><strong>Friday 5th August - Wharf Chambers, Leeds</strong>, with Sounds of Swami, Mr Shiraz and Jake McAllister</p> <p><strong>Saturday 6th August - New Cross Inn, London</strong>, with Sounds of Swami, Modern Shakes and James Hull</p> <p><strong>Sunday 7th August - The Blue Moon, Cambridge</strong>, with Sounds of Swami and Yarraman (matinee show)</p> <p>The songs from the recent <em>Sham Laws EP</em> are sure to be getting an outing so don't miss the chance to pop along. Who knows, it may be another 8 years before they do this again!</p> New Slow Science EP & Video <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe> <h4> Slow Science return with a brand new EP and an appearence at the Manchester Punk Fest</h4> <p>We're incredibly excited to share the surprise new video and EP from one of our favourite bands, and a band who have been sorely missed these last eight years, <strong>Slow Science</strong>. </p> <p><strong>Slow Science</strong> bassist and vocalist, Stacey Conway-Jones explains:</p> <p><em>&ldquo;We always wanted to get together and record these songs and being booked to play Manchester Punk Fest was the catalyst we needed. It was great fun being back in the studio after all this time, especially with our good friend Tom. We picked up right where we left off 8 years ago and, with little rehearsal time, had to work on the songs as we recorded them. We&rsquo;ve not written like that before and we&rsquo;re really chuffed with how the songs and recordings have turned out as a result.&rdquo;</em></p> <p>The EP&rsquo;s two songs - &quot;Cold Smoke&quot; and &quot;What We Are&quot; - prove the band haven't missed a beat and showcase their musical and song writing abilities with their trademark dual vocals, sing-along choruses, and wailing guitar solos. The video for &quot;Cold Smoke&quot; documents the recording of <em>Sham Laws</em> and was edited by London-based film maker, Adrian Cecil. The EP was recorded at Liverpool&rsquo;s Trap Door Studios by Tom Peters of the band <strong>Alpha Male Tea Party</strong>.<br> </p> <p>You can download the full EP over on the <a href="">Slow Science Bandcamp page</a> now.</p> New Zapiain LP, Giantnormous <h4>Zapiain return with their sophomore album</h4> <p>It's been a while but it finally gives me great pleasure to announce the next release on Bombed Out. <strong>Zapiain</strong> follow up 2011's (has it really been that long?) <em>Jibberjabber</em> album with the equally brilliantly titled <em>Giantnormous</em>. </p> <p>11 great songs that build on that classic UK melodic punk sound so loved by bands that have spring up from the Wakefield post-code area in the past (<strong>Zapiain</strong> hail from Dewsbury).</p> <p>The album is at press right now and will arrive on clear blue vinyl this spring. The LP will be a co-release between ourselves and All In Vinyl Records. The band are currently planning launch gig so expect news on that soon.</p> <p>In the meantime, here's the first song from the album, titled &quot;My New Home&quot;. Enjoy.</p> <iframe width="100%" height="166" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" src=";color=ff5500&amp;auto_play=false&amp;hide_related=false&amp;show_comments=true&amp;show_user=true&amp;show_reposts=false"></iframe> Raise High Your Bright Halo Of Stars <h4>The brilliant Peachfuzz return with their 4th studio album</h4> <p>The first Bombed Out band to make it to 4 full-lengths, <strong>Peachfuzz</strong> are set to unleash their new album in the not too distant future. </p> <p>Titled <em>Raise High Your Bright Halo Of Stars</em>, Adam Jones and company have put together a magnificent selection of songs that deliberately and consistently meander from solid power-pop to pure rock and roll, all the while balancing the finest of melodies with Adam's gravely vocals. Adam still cites <strong>Teenage Fanclub</strong> (and, transitively, <strong>Big Star</strong>) as a major influence but there's no mistaking the fact that <strong>Peachfuzz</strong> have now been at this game long enough to ensure that they no longer feel shackled to the sounds of their heroes.</p> <p>The image above is a teaser for the artwork and what better way to compliment it than with a teaser for the record. You can listen to the laid-back groove of &quot;Trouble Came&quot; below. Enjoy.</p> <iframe width="100%" height="166" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" src=";color=ff5500&amp;auto_play=false&amp;hide_related=false&amp;show_comments=true&amp;show_user=true&amp;show_reposts=false"></iframe> RIP TDE <h4>After 12 years as a band, The Dauntless Elite decide to move on to pastures new...</h4> <p>Last Friday, <strong>The Dauntless Elite</strong> played what will be their last gig for a long, long time. Quite possibly ever.</p> <p>It was a typically understated and cynical affair - as <strong>Dauntless</strong> gigs always are - with Joe pointing out the fact that the band, who have headlined the larger room of the Brudenell Social Club, were playing their final gig 3rd down the bill in the smaller back room. Maybe it was time. Maybe it was a hint from the scene. Maybe their time had passed...</p> <p>All of which is absolute nonsense of course. <strong>The Dauntless Elite</strong> had never shone brighter than on their recent and, in hindsight, aptly titled second album, <em>More Bloody Bad News</em>. As such they will be sorely missed as a band who stuck to their ethical guns, actually had something to say and who made me smile each and every time I had the pleasure of watching them live. Just as <strong>Joe Ninety</strong> and <strong>Fig. 4.0</strong> became symbolic of Bombed Out's early years, so the last dozen years have been soundtracked by <strong>The Dauntless Elite</strong>. Their downtrodden, underdog-like Northern cynicism matching that of our own. </p> <p>We'll miss them but, more importantly, the scene should miss them.</p> <p>Anyway, cheers to 4 people I feel lucky to call friends (or, you know, family) - to Joe, Stephen, Andrew and Lee. All the best with the new band lads! </p> <p>See you at the reunion gig. </p> New Protectors LP <h4>Wakefield's finest super-group present their second full-length, out February!</h4> <p>Next month the brand new album from the brilliant <strong>Protectors</strong> will land at Bombed Out HQ. On lovely pale green vinyl no less! </p> <p>The 9 track album, titled <em>Soul And Fire Is All We Ever Need</em>, is already streaming on <a href="">Spotify</a> and can be heard in full on the <a href="">Bombed Out bandcamp page</a>. An absolute stormer of an album, it should go without saying how happy we are to be involved - especially as I've been bugging Chris Charlton about releasing a record by one of his bands ever since the old <strong>Pylon</strong> days.</p> <p>This is indie-rock at it's absolute best - soaring melodies, fantastic song-writing, the layered male/female vocals (Chris is ably assisted by Bombed Out friend-of-the-family Kerry Allison this time out), the keys (from new recruit Mark Silcock), everything... Fans of everyone from <strong>Guided By Voices</strong> to <strong>Jimmy Eat World</strong> will find something to savour here.</p> <p>Pre-orders for the record are currently being taken on the <a href="">Protectors bandcamp page</a> and it will be up in our distro as soon as it's back from press so check back soon.</p> <p>Finally, <strong>Protectors</strong> are playing Wakefield this Friday with <strong>The Horn The Hunt</strong> and the other new Bombed Out band, <strong>Stay Clean Jolene</strong>. The appearance marks the final gig, for now anyway, with founding member Matthew Parkes who is moving to Thailand shortly. Head on down if you're in the area.</p> Stay Clean Jolene <h4>It's been a long time coming but the debut album from Stay Clean Jolene is finally here.</h4> <p>Following on from their debut 7&quot;, <strong>Stay Clean Jolene</strong> return with a fantastic full-length which we are chuffed to announce will be out shortly on Bombed Out (and Just Say No To Government Music). We're getting involved in the CD edition while Drunken Sailor, Dead Boke and more handle the vinyl duties. </p> <p>Comprised of half <strong>The Leif Ericsson</strong> (Will and Neil) and half of <strong>The Great St. Louis</strong> (John and Dan) there is no doubting the band's pedigree and we're happy to announce that their debut, self-titled album meets all expectations and then some. The band build on a host of influences - most notably the likes of <strong>Leatherface</strong> and the members previous bands - but it holds together magnificently, delivering 10 tracks of no-nonsense, mid-paced, anthemic punk-rock.</p> <p>CD pre-orders will be up soon but in the meantime here's a taster:</p> <iframe width="100%" height="166" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" src=";color=ff5500&amp;auto_play=false&amp;hide_related=false&amp;show_comments=true&amp;show_user=true&amp;show_reposts=false"></iframe> RIP Slow Science <h4>The second Bombed Out band to split in as many months, Slow Science played their last handful of gigs in September.</h4> <p>One of our favourite UK bands of the last few years, we are sorry to announce that<strong> Slow Science</strong> are no more. The band played a blinder in Leeds recently with <strong>The Dauntless Elite</strong> (where the above photo was taken - yours truly ruining the bands aesthetic by popping up in the middle) as part of their final tour. Proving, once and for all, that they were one of the most satisfyingly unique punk bands we had heard in a long time and, as rusty as they claimed to be, one of the best live bands.</p> <p>It should go without saying that we have no regrets on getting them to line up alongside Leeds' finest on their new split 12&quot; - their 2 tracks are as good as any to have appeared on any Bombed Out release to date.</p> <p>There's not much to say that hasn't already been said so I'll just thank Jon, Stacey, Al and Paul, wish them all the best for the future (the new <strong>Axes</strong> record is going to be special) and leave you with a small snippet from the insert to the new record. It rounds things off nicely:</p> <p><em>&quot;[Thanks to] all our friends and families. All the bands we have played with over the years, promoters who have put us on, anyone who gave us a place to stay, fed us, came to see us, bought a record or a t-shirt. We've been Slow Science. You're Welcome.&quot;</em></p> Caves Leaving <h4>Currently on tour with Andrew Jackson Jihad across Europe and soon to head to Fest in Florida, Bristol's finest present a new record.</h4> <p>Titled &quot;Leaving&quot;, the record is alas not coming out on Bombed Out this time but it would be remiss of me not to mention it. Early indications (i.e. the couple of songs I've heard so far from it) suggest it's another great release and an essential follow-up to 2013's Betterment album.</h4> <p>Head on over to the Yo-Yo Records or Specialist Subject sites now to order your copy. We wish Lou and Minty all the best for the future and I'll aim to keep their gig listings up to date going forward anyway.</p> <p>Cheers.</p> New Dauntless Elite song & split 12" pre-order <h4>The long-awaited split release from Leeds' own The Dauntless Elite and London's Slow Science is almost here</h4> <p>Due back from press mid-September, you can pre-order the 12&quot; split, which will come on solid white vinyl, <a href="">from our shop RIGHT NOW</a>. As a special treat you can also now hear one of the brand new songs by <strong>The Dauntless Elite</strong> below. </p> <iframe width="100%" height="20" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" src=";color=ff5500&amp;inverse=false&amp;auto_play=false&amp;show_user=false"></iframe> <p>Alas, <strong>Slow Science</strong> will soon be calling it a day (we haven't half picked them this year). They will be bowing out following the following three release gigs:</p> <p>22nd September - The Prince Albert Pub, Brighton with<strong> Break-Ups</strong><br> 25th September - The Urban Bar Whitechapel, London with <strong>The Dauntless Elite</strong>, <strong>Big Wow</strong> and <strong>Luke Godwin</strong><br> 26th September - Santiago Bar, Leeds with <strong>Arliss Nancy</strong>, <strong>The Dauntless Elite</strong>, <strong>Big Wow</strong> and <strong> Less Decieved</strong></p> <p>Make sure you catch them!</p> New Saturday's Kids song / album pre-order <h4>Saturday's Kids have only gone and recorded an album, and it's a bloody belter</h4> <p>Aptly titled <em>The Lunatic</em>, the new album from Welsh post-punks <strong>Saturday's Kids</strong> is a joyously aggressive and spiteful affair. In the past the Kids have meandered from abrasive emo to pensive slowcore and back again - not only across the breadth of an EP but often in the same song - garnering them comparisons to everyone from the late-90s Gravity bands to the likes of <strong>Codeine</strong> and <strong>...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead</strong>. </p> <p>This new album could very easily be seen as two distinct and noisy EPs, held together by the more laid back, 8 minute, shoegazer influenced post-rock of &quot;Love Breeding&quot; which takes its sweet time to build and provides a respite from the more urgent tracks on the album. And it totally (and tonally) works. This is experimental hardcore, with a lineage that flows from the early 80s SST bands, via 90s grunge, all the way to current bands like <strong>Pissed Jeans</strong> or <strong>METZ</strong>.</p> <p>The only downside is that it will be the bands last release as <strong>Saturday's Kids</strong> will soon be calling it a day. The band will play one last blow-out show in Cardiff before they go their seperate ways - details to be anounced soon.</p> <p>Anyway, enough talk... Head on over to the <a href="">Punktastic website</a> to hear new song, &quot;Useless&quot;, now. Oh, and feel free to <a href="">pre-order <em>The Lunatic</em> via Bandcamp</a> - the album will be back from press towards the end of July.</p> Summer digital give-away! <h4>The entire Bombed Out back-catalogue is available FOR FREE via our Bandcamp page RIGHT NOW</h4> <p>The first of our long list of planned 2014 releases will be heading to press this week (that would be the <strong>Slow Science</strong>/<strong>The Dauntless Elite</strong> split) so to mark the occasion, and to give everyone a chance to catch up on some Bombed Out history, we're going to give away all of our past releases as FREE digital downloads. Also it's summer and who doesn't like getting free stuff in summer? Actually, I wanted to do this last year when we turned 15 but there was so many other things happening it didn't quite fit in. Better late than never!</p> <p>So... Head on over to the <a href="">Bombed Out Records Bandcamp page</a> where the entire Bombed Out discography has been set to &quot;pay what you want&quot;. This is going to be for a limited time only, lasting until the end of June or until all our free credits have been used up, whichever happens first. </p> <p>All we ask is that, once you've downloaded some of these records and realised they are awesome (they all are) you consider - just consider - popping back to buy the physical releases. We even have a sale on for all our CDs! That way you get all the lyrics &amp; artwork to look at along with the music and we clear some space ready for the new stuff.</p> <p>As always, thanks for your support! Now, what are you waiting for... <a href="">GO</a>!</p> Slow Science vs The Dauntless Elite <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe> <h4> Slow Science return with a brand new EP and an appearence at the Manchester Punk Fest</h4> <p>We're incredibly excited to share the surprise new video and EP from one of our favourite bands, and a band who have been sorely missed these last eight years, <strong>Slow Science</strong>. </p> <p><strong>Slow Science</strong> bassist and vocalist, Stacey Conway-Jones explains:</p> <p><em>&ldquo;We always wanted to get together and record these songs and being booked to play Manchester Punk Fest was the catalyst we needed. It was great fun being back in the studio after all this time, especially with our good friend Tom. We picked up right where we left off 8 years ago and, with little rehearsal time, had to work on the songs as we recorded them. We&rsquo;ve not written like that before and we&rsquo;re really chuffed with how the songs and recordings have turned out as a result.&rdquo;</em></p> <p>The EP&rsquo;s two songs - &quot;Cold Smoke&quot; and &quot;What We Are&quot; - prove the band haven't missed a beat and showcase their musical and song writing abilities with their trademark dual vocals, sing-along choruses, and wailing guitar solos. The video for &quot;Cold Smoke&quot; documents the recording of <em>Sham Laws</em> and was edited by London-based film maker, Adrian Cecil. The EP was recorded at Liverpool&rsquo;s Trap Door Studios by Tom Peters of the band <strong>Alpha Male Tea Party</strong>.<br> </p> <p>You can download the full EP over on the <a href""></a>Slow Science Bandcamp page</a> now.</p> EP2 plus Peachfuzz album update <h4>New Peachfuzz EP and details on album number 4</h4> <p> <strong>Peachfuzz</strong> singer-songwriter, Adam Jones, has carefully assembled another collection of solo tracks as a follow up to the acoustic <em>EP1</em> record that came together between the <em>Everything Takes Forever</em> and <em>We Are Solid State</em> albums.</p> <p>Titled, sensibly, <em>EP2</em>, the record takes a Jones original (&quot;Its a Beautiful Life&quot; - the product on an apocalyptic hangover according to Adam) and compliments it with covers of songs by Bill Fay, <strong>Bedford Falls</strong>, Gene Clark and Jim Reeves.</p> <p>Once again bridging the gap between albums this EP should inform you that, yes, a new <strong>Peachfuzz</strong> album is also on the cards. No title as yet (actually there might be - need to check with Adam) but it's a good two thirds recorded, with Adam implying the record will be a return to the bands power-pop roots. From what we've heard so far he ain't wrong! <strong>Teenage Fanclub</strong> on steroids perhaps?</p> <p>More news on this soon. In the meantime head over to the <a href="">Bombed Out Bandcamp page</a> and download <em><a href="">EP2</a></em>.</p> <p> Here's a teaser:</p> <iframe style="border: 0; width: 100%; height: 42px;" src="" seamless><a href="">EP2 by Adam Jones (Peachfuzz)</a></iframe> New Year / New Sale / New Plans BO15: THANK YOU!!! <h4>Well that was fun!</h4> <p>An amazing day! Thank you so much to <strong>Dugong</strong> and <strong>Kelly 8</strong> for agreeing to play despite the seemingly insurmountable logistics involved. Thanks to <strong>Wooderson</strong> who played a belter of a possibly-final-but-hopefully-not set and thanks to <strong>Zapiain</strong>, <strong>The Dauntless Elite</strong>, <strong>Caves</strong>, <strong>Mikro Spiti</strong>, <strong>Peachfuzz</strong>, <strong>The Amistad</strong>, <strong>Homebrew</strong>, <strong>The Brown Hound James Band</strong> and <strong>Big Wow</strong> for filling out the rest of the day brilliantly. I seriously could not have hoped for a better line-up to celebrate our 15th birthday with.</p> <p>Thanks also to Steve and Tim (Juvi Hall) for getting this old man on the dance floor and to That Old Chestnut for the amazing cakes. Extra special thanks to my wife for running the distro (and some band's distros) ALL DAY, to Kez, Andrew and Tony for their help on the day, Mark at The Old Chapel for getting <strong>Kelly 8</strong> a practice room at short notice and for lending them gear, and Nath Brudenell for letting us use the finest venue in Leeds bar none.</p> <p>Finally (phew!), thanks to Drew for this amazing print! When all is said and done this will be the biggest reminder of the day and it's an awesome memento that'll soon have pride of place on a wall at home. :-)</p> <p>Oh, and if you came down... THANKS TO YOU. x</p> BO15: This Saturday! <h4>Come and celebrate 15 years of Bombed Out Records this Saturday at The Brudenell in Leeds!</h4><p>And so we're almost there. A gig 15 years in the planning. Kind of.</p> <p>Come and see <strong>Dugong</strong> and <strong>Kelly 8</strong> play one last time each; see <strong>Wooderson</strong> before they embark on a hopefully brief haitus; see <strong>The Dauntless Elite</strong>, <strong>Caves</strong>, <strong>Peachfuzz</strong>, <strong>The Amistad</strong>, <strong>Homebrew</strong>, <strong>Mikro Spiti</strong> (a late replacement for <strong>Saturday's Kids</strong>) and <strong>The Brown Hound James Band</strong> once again and see <strong>Big Wow</strong> play their first ever gig.</p> <p>If that's not enough we'll also have vegan cakes for sale courtesy of local bakery, <a href="">That Old Chestnut</a>, early in the day and late on we'll have the awesome <strong>Juvenile Hall</strong> DJs helping us party 'til the wee hours. </p> <p>Oh yeah, and for sale we'll have the <strong>Dugong</strong> <em>Hat Danko</em> LPs PLUS special commemorative prints thanks to the lovely <a href="">Drew Millward</a>. </p> <p><a href="">All details here</a>. <a href="">Facebook event here</a>. <a href="">Brudenell site here</a>. <a href="">Tickets here</a>.</p> <p>All that remains to be said is... SEE YOU THERE! x</p> BO15: Hat Danko LP Pre-order <h4>Reissue of Dugong's fantastic second album to mark it's 10th anniversary and Bombed Out's 15th anniversary</h4> <p> While <strong>Dugong</strong>'s debut album, <em>The Eastmoor Rules</em>, was a great melodic punk record, it only hinted at what the band would go on to produce in<em> Hat Danko</em> - a record that delivered on all fronts as the influences that crept into the bands sound prior to this were here fully explored. To put it bluntly, each and every song on this record is a classic and together they made for one of the most ambitious, varied (yet cohesive) and, above all else, strongest, releases we've ever put out. </p> <p>It was with this in mind that we decided to celebrate both the 10th anniversary of <em>Hat Danko</em> and the 15th anniversary of Bombed Out with a limited edition LP reissue. The reissue will be released on 180g (that's the heavy stuff) white vinyl, will be wrapped in a lovely gate-fold sleeve and is limited to 250 hand-numbered copies.</p> <p>The new artwork is once again the work of Paul Heys who wanted to update and move on a little from what he'd done with the CD artwork 10 years earlier. Hopefully you approve!</p> <p>The <em>Hat Danko</em> LP is <a href="">up for pre-order now</a> and will ship on or before the 14th October or - if you're coming to the <a href="">Bombed Out 15th Anniversary gig</a> - you can pick a copy up in person on October 5th when the band will be playing this one off event. We can't wait!</p> Happy Birthday to Us! <h4>15 years ago today(ish) our first release landed. Christ, time flies...</h4> <p><strong>Joe Ninety</strong>&rsquo;s (back when they were still <strong>Joe 90</strong>) first 7&rdquo;, <em>Short on Ideas</em>, came back from press and landed at 86 Royal Park Road on one mid-September morning back in 1998. We totally copied the label style from the Crackle! Records 7&rdquo;s of the time and got the sleeves printed locally. Numbering and assembling them was a fun job - though I admit the numbering system may not have been totally accurate by the time we finished.</p> <p>We had no idea that the label would still be functioning 15 years later. Or that member of <strong>Joe Ninety</strong> would still be on the label (half of <strong>The Dauntless Elite</strong>). Or that we would ever work with a non-UK based band (thanks <strong>Kelly 8</strong>). Or a million other things that I could mention. Basically, It&rsquo;s been mint!</p> <p>Sure, Alex now lives in New York (after a stint in Hong Kong) and Jamie, while still living in Leeds, takes more of a back-seat these days but they are and always will be a huge part of the label. As for me? I think I&rsquo;m too stubborn to quit. Or maybe I just don&rsquo;t know what else to do? Ha, who knows. While I&rsquo;m having fun though Bombed Out will remain. Let&rsquo;s see if we can make it to 20!</p> <p>In light of our birthday celebrations expect the following:</p> <ol> <li>BOMB001 - <strong>Joe Ninety</strong>&rsquo;s <em>Short On Ideas</em> 7&rdquo; has been re-mastered and will be available for free download shortly</li> <li>BOMB013 - <strong>Dugong</strong>&rsquo;s <em>Hat Danko</em> album, itself celebrating it&rsquo;s 10th Anniversary this month, is being released on limited edition, numbered, heavy-weight, gate-fold LP (phew!)... And will hopefully be ready for...</li> <li>BO15: Our Birthday All-dayer. As I&rsquo;m sure you know by now on October 5th we will be taking over The Brudenell Social Club to bring you 12 bands followed by the Juvenile Hall DJs. The line-up we are a bit chuffed about. Come down! Facebook event thingy <a href="">here</a>. Tickets <a href="">here</a>.</li> </ol> <p>There will also be a bit of a sale distro sale happening starting this weekend. Info on that then.</p> <p>So anyway, to everyone who has supported the label over the last 15 years... THANK YOU! You know who you are!</p> <p>Cheers,<br> Steve<br> Bombed Out Records (voted best UK record label, Fracture Zine, 2003-2004)</p> BO15: Kelly 8 reunion! <h4>Our favourite Swedish friends will be joining us for our 15th Anniversary Celebration this October</h4> <p><strong>Kelly 8</strong> joined Bombed Out way back in 2002 and to this day are the only band we've ever chosen to work with on the strength of a demo alone. Two demo's in fact which went on to become the bands first release (minus one song that was released on Deep Elm's <em>Emo Diaries Chapter 8</em> compilation).</p> <p><em>The Setup</em> came out early 2003 to coincide with a short tour with <strong>The Mercy Suite</strong> and an appearance at that year's NYNS all-dayer. We quickly became good friends (all 3 members of Bombed Out went along for the ride!). 2 further albums (2004's <em>The Technique Of Pushing Someone Forward</em> and 2009's <em>The Union</em>) and a brilliant tour with <strong>Dugong</strong> followed before the band decided to call it a day back in 2010.</p> <p>We had discussed them visiting for NYNS '11 to play one last gig in the UK but when that fell through it felt like we'd never get that chance again... Well never say never!</p> <p>Now fully confirmed (i.e. flights booked) we're chuffed to announce that the band will be back together one last time to play our birthday gig on October 5th at The Brudenell in Leeds (Facebook event thingy <a href="">here</a>). Come along and give them a fitting farewell!</p> Wooderson hiatus <h4>Sheffield's finest will be taking a break from things for a while</h4> <p><strong>Wooderson</strong> have recently announced that their appearance at BO15 in October will be their last gig... For now at least. Here's what the band themselves have said (including some very nice words about this humble label):</p> <p><em>&quot;Good evening world. Our next gig is the <a href="">Bombed Out Records 15 year anniversary all-dayer</a> at The Brudenell Social Club. This will also be the last <strong>Wooderson</strong> gig for the foreseeable future, so it's fitting that it's in our favourite city to play, at our favourite venue, celebrating the anniversary of one of the labels that were kind enough to invest their time, energy and money into releasing our album, and believe in our music as much as us.</em></p> <p><em> It's not the end, but it's the last you'll hear of us in a good while. With that in mind, we just wanna say thanks to everyone that has supported this band so far for the last 5+ years and helped us have an absolutely incredible time. Come down on the 5th October to help us celebrate, and support one of the finest UK DIY labels.</em></p> <p><em> Ta'. x&quot;</em></p> <p>Hopefully we'll see them back next year but in the meantime check out Sam's new band <a href=""><strong>Nightflowers</strong></a> (also featuring members of <strong>The City Ghosts</strong>) and Ben and Loic's band, <a href="Che Ga Zebra"><strong>Che Ga Zebra</strong></a>. Both are mint! </p> The Amistad / Cigarette Crossfire tour <h4>The Amistad shall be setting sail this August with Finland's Cigarette Crossfire</h4> <p>In the words of the band: <em>&quot;In August we're doing a few dates with our Finnish friends <strong>Cigarette Crossfire</strong>, who play rather delightfully good punk rock. They sound a bit like <strong>Manifesto Jukebox</strong> playing the more upbeat <strong>Hot Water Music</strong> songs, or something like that. We had a cracking time with them in Finland last summer and it's now time for the return leg. Can't wait...&quot;</em></p> <p>It's always a pleasure to show a tour poster for <strong>The Amistad</strong> in full and the work of <strong>Calvinball</strong>'s Joe Lawrence never dissapoints.</p> <p>All dates can also be seen on our <a href="/gigs">gigs page</a>.</p> <p><strong>The Amistad</strong> will also be playing the Bombed Out 15th Anniversary all-dayer on the 5th October at The Brudenell, Leeds, alongside <strong>Dugong</strong>, <strong>The Dauntless Elite</strong>, <strong>Caves</strong>, <strong>Wooderson</strong> and more.</p> Betterment has landed Caves join Bombed Out <h4>Sophomore album out soon with Euro-tour to follow</h4> <p>So, this kind of came out of the blue. We've known and liked the Bristol based punk-trio <strong>Caves</strong> for years (they played NYNS in 2011 and 2012) and earlier this year Dave got in touch to see whether we'd be interested in doing the CD and digital release of their next album (Yo-Yo Records are once again releasing the vinyl). We said yes... Tentatively.</p> <p>Well, the tentativeness went out the window the second <em>Betterment</em> landed. This is by far the best thing the band have recorded. The production (a sterling job by Peter Miles) now gives all the songs the same urgency the band seem able to conjure up time and time again live and, thanks largely to the fact that it was recorded near-live, the band's energy completely remains intact. </p> <p>More news as we get closer to release and a full <strong>Caves</strong> bio/gig dates will be added the site shortly - and, Jesus, there are a lot of them!</p> <p>Anyway, as a taster of what's to come here are two brand new tracks from the album. <em>"Rubino"</em> especially had me grinning from ear to ear on first listen so please enjoy.</p> <p>Welcome aboard <strong>Caves</strong>!</p> BO15: Tonight this is perfect <h4>Wakefield's finest reunite for the Bombed Out birthday celebration and <em>Hat Danko</em> to get a vinyl release!</h4> <p>It's been a long time coming - <strong>Dugong</strong> played their last gig back in 2005 - but these Wakefield heroes have agreed to get back together to help us celebrate our 15th anniversary this October. Yes, we are as surprised (and excited) as anyone and to prove we're not just getting ahead of ourselves, the above photo was taken at last night's practice. Never say never... </p> <p>Now, given that our 15th Anniversary also happens to be <em>Hat Danko</em>'s 10th Anniversary we're looking at doing a limited run LP release of this amazing album; one of our favourite releases and one that has surely stood the test of time. How well this does will dictate whether any other classic Bombed Out releases (and other <strong>Dugong</strong> releases) will also get the same treatment. More news on this as and when. </p> <p>As for the Bombed Out Anniversary gig - other bands so far confirmed include <strong>The Dauntless Elite</strong>, <strong>Wooderson</strong>, <strong>Peachfuzz</strong>, <strong>The Amistad</strong>, <strong>Zapiain</strong> and <strong>The Brown Hound James Band</strong>. More to come...</p> <p>It all kicks off on October 5th at The Brudenell Social Club in Leeds. Let's get nostalgic!</p> Fig. 4.0's final gig video unearthed! <h4>Fig. 4.0. 1999 - 2004. </h4> <p>Recorded at the band's final gig at The Out Of Spite Festival, Leeds on 20th August 2004, here is the full set from the legendary hardcore-punk band, <strong>Fig. 4.0</strong>.</p> <p><strong>Fig. 4.0</strong> released one album, <em><a href="/discography/bomb007/fig.-4.0-action-image-exchange">Action Image Exchange</a></em>, and 3 split 7&quot;s (with <strong>Ensign</strong>, <strong>Stand</strong> and <strong>Twofold</strong>) during their 5 year existance. Members went on to play in bands like <strong>The Dauntless Elite</strong>, <strong>The Plight</strong>, <strong>Eiger</strong> and <strong>Himself</strong>.</p> <p>It only took 9 years to get this video uploaded to YouTube but what a welcome reminder it is. They just don't build 'em like this anymore.</p> New Year / New Sale <h4>Get 15% OFF in our distro if you spend over &pound;15... Oh, and this sale is set to last ALL YEAR!</h4> <p>Well, it's 2013. Bombed Out was born in 1998 so this year we turn 15! With this is mind we've a few special things lined up but more news on those later. In the meantime, here's what's happening right now:</p> <p>SALE! Visit <a href="/store">our mailorder distro</a> where you'll get a fitting 15% off all orders over &pound;15. Can't say fairer than that. Sale ends 1st January 2014. :-)</p> <p><strong>WOODERSON</strong>! The lads are taking a few months off from gigs as Loic is off to Bogota, Columbia. We wish him all the best. He left behind <a href="">some words and a few songs</a>.</p> <p><strong>ZAPIAIN</strong>! Huge congratulations to Chris Hall who became a proud father last week. Fatherhood is bloody brilliant. Dad rock! The band will be sharing a 7&quot; slab of wax with <strong>Canadian Rifle</strong> as part of All In Vinyl's split series later in the year and they recently recorded an <a href=";">old <strong>Chopper</strong> song</a> for a tribute album that's in the works.</p> <p><strong>THE BROWN HOUND JAMES BAND</strong>! Now gigging...</p> <p><strong>PEACHFUZZ</strong>! The album is getting great reviews... Now to get them on the road!</p> <p><strong>THE DAUNTLESS ELITE</strong>! They've also got a couple of songs that will appear on an All In Vinyl split later in the year alongside <strong>The Steve Adamyk Band</strong>.</p> <p><strong>SATURDAY'S KIDS</strong>!... They live!</p> <p><strong>THE AMISTAD</strong>! Album #2 this year?</p> <p><strong>SLOW SCIENCE</strong>!... Coming soon!</p> A look back on 2012 <h4>Well that was fun.</h4> <p>So... 2012. I think the idea was we&rsquo;d have a quiet year as my wife was expecting our 2nd child and knowing how much time one child takes up I was all but prepared for a 12 month Bombed Out hiatus.</p> <p>Of course, both <strong>The Dauntless Elite</strong>&rsquo;s <em><a href="">More Bloody Bad News</a></em> album, and it&rsquo;s noisier, less sober sibling, <strong>Homebrew</strong>&rsquo;s <em><a href="">Last Orders</a></em> (both bands share a member) were pressed towards the end of 2011 and had their official release dates in January, but they were expected. That month culminated in the New Year/New Start all-dayer which once again proved to be a complete success. Go team.</p> <p>Then <strong>Saturday&rsquo;s Kids</strong> got in touch about doing a 2 song 7&rdquo;. Sure, we said, why not? The <em><a href="'s-kids-grey-on-white">Grey On White</a></em> 7&rdquo; came out in February, fast-tracked to coincide with the band touring the UK once again.</p> <p>Then the fun started. <strong>Peachfuzz</strong> had already been hinting that album #3 would be ready in 2012 and they started recording that with abandon - meanwhile Matty Broadbent was busy recording what would become <strong>The Brown Hound James Band</strong> album with Ray Tovey and various Leeds/Wakefield punk alumni. 2 releases that looked like they might be ready over the summer... Just when my wife was due! Let&rsquo;s just go for it anyway I figured... Eternal optimist that I am.</p> <p><a href="">[Read more...]</a></p> A decade of The Dauntless Elite <h4>The Dauntless Elite celebrate 10 years as a band by playing at the venue where they played their debut gig.</h4> <p>We won't be doing a NYNS this coming January (for a number of reasons I won't go into here) but, as unintended compensation, you can see a trio of Bombed Out bands this weekend in Leeds.</p> <p>The gig will be at The Packhorse, Woodhouse Lane, Leeds. Yes, the venue immortalised in the song &quot;I Am Ninja, My Life Is Lonely And Difficult...&quot; and along with <strong>The Dauntless Elite</strong> you'll also get:</p> <h5>Wooderson</h5> <p>The newest band on Bombed Out with a recent album that got amazing reviews everywhere.</p> <h5>The Amistad</h5> <p>Last seen touring Europe - this will be their first Leeds gig since the last NYNS in January.</p> <p>This Saturday, the 3rd November. Hopefully we'll see a few of you there! 10 years though... Jesus Christ.</p> We Are Solid State pre-order <h4>The third Peachfuzz record is at press now and, if you'll excuse the obvious clich&eacute;, it really is their best yet.</h4> <p>Now <a href="/discography/bomb036/peachfuzz-we-are-solid-state">streaming in full</a> and <a href="/store/product_info.php?products_id=423">up for pre-order</a>, <em>We Are Solid State</em> is the new album from these Bridgend lads and it see's them pushing their power-pop sensibilities into harder and certainly rockier territories.</p> <p>Featuring 10 tracks, the record will bring to mind a plethora of bands from <strong>Social Distortion</strong> to <strong>Teenage Fanclub</strong>, <strong>Neil Young</strong> to <strong>Screaming Trees</strong>, <strong>All</strong> to <strong>Soul Asylum</strong>, <strong>Badfinger</strong> to, well, <strong>Peachfuzz</strong>... For while main song-writer Adam Jones' record collection spans the decades and the genres make no mistake, he knew exactly what he wanted to achieve with this record... And it shows. This is a confident album that doesn't really give a shit about the trends that come and go, year in year out. Guitar solos aren't cool? So what, deal with it. Songs about love aren't cool? So what, deal with it. An 8 and a half minute epic with a coda straight from <em>Bandwagonesque</em> isn't cool? So what, you get the picture.</p> <p>In a year that's seen us cover post-punk (<strong>Wooderson</strong> and <strong>Saturday's Kids</strong>) and alt-country (<strong>The Brown Hound James Band</strong>) maybe it's fitting that we end our 2012 releases with another record and band that are doing their own thing.</p><p>Here's to keeping things interesting!</p> At The Home Of The Heartlands pre-order <h4>The debut album from Matthew Broadbent &amp; Co. will be out later this month.</h4> <p>Currently at press, the album can be <a href="/discography/bomb035/the-brown-hound-james-band-at-the-home-of-the-heartlands">streamed in full</a> and <a href="/store/product_info.php?products_id=422">pre-ordered</a> on our website now - so you can try before you buy. </p> <p>While unashamedly not a punk record, there is an honesty in this that should appeal to open-minded fans of the genre while fans of alt-country, roots rock and indie folk music will appreciate what a well rounded and full bodied album <strong>The Brown Hound James Band</strong> have produced. There's a deftness to the musicianship and craftsmanship on offer here that is rarely heard in our scene - and that in itself might put some people off - but fuck it, this one's for us. </p> <p>To put it bluntly, <em>At The Home Of The Heartlands</em> is a collection of fantastic songs by someone who has been a part of Bombed Out since our second release (it's been over a dozen years since that first <strong>Dugong</strong> 7&quot;) and we're honoured to be releasing it. There are no expectations or grand plans short of a few gigs that the band, now featuring ex-members of <strong>Milloy</strong> and <strong>Everybody Is Going To Die</strong>, will be sure to partake in and that's OK by us.</p> <p>So, put your assumptions aside on what makes for a standard Bombed Out release and go have a listen. You might just discover one of your favourite releases of the year.</p> Wooderson reviews round-up <h4>The love for Wooderson's debut album is universal, and it's available on LP and CD now.</h4> <p>Over the past couple of months there have been some fantastic reviews cropping up for<em> Let The Man Speak </em>so we thought it's about time we share them with you. Click on the main news title above to read more but here are some snippets:</p> <p>&quot;What <em>Let The Man Speak</em> isn't is an album of unwieldy aggression bundled together in the name of keeping the DIY punk spirit alive. It's far more sophisticated than that, with its cleverly overlapping vocals and riffs far sharper and smarter than your bog-standard three-chord punk, under-pinned by a relentless, uncompromising energy.&quot; - <a href="">Drowned In Sound</a></p> <p>&quot;The key to the success of this record is that it flows seamlessly from start to finish and creates something atmospheric for the listener: this isn't a big, shouty record but more of a considered and measured piece of work that delivers on many levels. For a debut release, there is no shortage in confidence and ability displayed within this record, and both <strong>Wooderson</strong> and Bombed Out Records should be extremely pleased with the outcome.&quot; - <a href=""></a></p> <p>&quot;This debut is the culmination of a thousand night's listening and research - heads banging against bedroom walls to the sound of midwest America - and a DIY ethos that just won't quit. The guitar penmanship, coupled with the savagely attentive drumming give this record a strong sense of tethered energy... <strong>Wooderson</strong> sound like an outfit that have weaned themselves on 'real' punk their whole lives, but their instrumental abilities have pushed them farther than the limits of three-chord musical hopscotch, into almost math-y, complex territories. Reviving twenty-year-aged recordings of emotion and plying those template with the advances of today have helped coagulate something sharper, more refined than many of their influences would have been able to develop themselves.&quot; - <a href="">The Quietus</a></p> The Amistad's European Vacation <h4>Our favourite gruff punks, <strong>The Amistad</strong>, are touring around Europe throughout the month of August. </h4> <p>In related news, the band are 4 songs into the writing of their next album which we reckon is going to be a little bit special. Hopefully that will see the light of day early 2013.</p> Let The Man Speak pre-order <h4>You can now stream and pre-order (with instant download!) the <strong>Wooderson</strong> album on limited edition coloured vinyl!</h4> <p>If you want to get your hands on one of only 100 coloured vinyl copies of the brand new <strong>Wooderson</strong> LP, <em>Let The Man Speak</em>, then you can pre-order the album now over at the <a href=""><strong>Wooderson</strong> Bandcamp</a> page. You'll also get an instant download meaning you'll be the first to own this fantastic release.</p> <p>The regular old black LPs will be in our web store on the date of release and should also be cropping up in your nearest independent record shop and online digitally then. News on the CD will be coming shortly as we're hoping to also have the ready for the mentioned release date - though they might have to follow by about a week or so.</p> <p>So what are you waiting for... <a href="">GO HERE TO PRE-ORDER NOW</a>!</p> <p><strong>Wooderson</strong> can be seen playing the Obscene Baby Auction all-dayer at the 1in12, Bradford with <strong>Hookworms</strong> and more on the 28th July and they also play the Friday of this years Out of Spite Festival at The Brudenell Social Club in Leeds on August 10th. </p> Joe Ninety VS The Leif Ericsson <h4>Wouldn't normally plug a single gig but look at it. JUST LOOK AT IT! Melodic punk gig of the year? Hell yes.</h4> <p>Seeing <strong>The Leif Ericsson</strong>, <strong>Joe Ninety</strong> AND <strong>The sWord</strong> together again is just going to be too sweet. Plus you get <strong>The Dauntless Elite</strong> and <strong>Bear Trade</strong>.</p> <p>See you there!</p> The Brown Hound James Band <h4>Following the <strong>Wooderson</strong> album out of the gates will be the debut album from Wakefield's <strong>The Brown Hound James Band</strong>.</h4> <p>If the name sounds familiar it may be because <strong>Brown Hound James</strong> is the on/off alter ego of Matthew Broadbent (<strong>Dugong</strong>/<strong>Nathaniel Green</strong>/<strong>The sWord</strong>/<strong>Messina</strong>), albeit one that's been a little quiet in recent times.</p> <p>Now, however, <strong>Brown Hound James</strong> is back and with the help of <strong>Daisonic</strong> knob-twiddler Ray Tovey and various Leeds and Wakefield punk-scene alumni (members of <strong>The Dauntless Elite</strong>, <strong>Dugong</strong>, <strong>Milloy</strong>, <strong>Protectors</strong> and <strong>Pylon</strong> have lent their talents to either the album or the live band over the last year or so), <strong>The Brown Hound James <em>Band</em></strong> have recorded a bit of a masterpiece.</p> <p>Titled<em> At The Home Of The Heartlands</em>, the album will be out later this summer. As a taster we're offering up a free downloadable double-a-side single, <a href="">Mary Got Married/Lonely Son</a> which can be found now on the <a href="">Bombed Out Bandcamp page</a>. As an extra bonus Matt has taken an old <strong>Dugong</strong> song and reworked it into the kind of thing you'd expect from someone like <strong>The National</strong>. </p> <p>So, a typical Bombed Out release? No. But don't let that put you off. Those of you with an open ear and perhaps a few <strong>Wilco</strong>, <strong>Son Volt</strong> or even <strong>The Weakerthans</strong> records in their collection will find something to enjoy here.</p> <p>Expect more news on the album soon.</p> First look at the Wooderson - Let The Man Speak artwork <p>Not only are we excited about how the debut <strong>Wooderson</strong> album SOUNDS, we're also now a little bit smitten with how the record will LOOK, thanks to the design work of Darren Topliss.</p> <p>With luck the album will be off to press this week. We're releasing a CD version and co-releasing the LP version with Art for Blind Records and another label (said label should be confirmed any day now). There will also be a digital version for those of you who have ditched physical formats (boo!).</p> <p>Will add a page for the release shortly where we'll also put another song up for streaming... Watch this space.</p> Joe Ninety & The Leif Ericsson reunion gig <h4>A trio of Bombed Out Records bands and friends celebrate better days!</h4> <p>So, when Steve Hunter announced that he was moving with his family to Canada ideas started circulating amongst friends that maybe, just maybe, there should be a final <a href=""><strong>Joe Ninety</strong></a> gig before he goes... Alas the notice was too short for our NYNS gig back in January but months later it&rsquo;s finally happening...</p> <p>If that wasn&rsquo;t cause enough for celebration, just this week it&rsquo;s been confirmed that <a href=""><strong>The Leif Ericsson</strong></a> will also be reforming for the gig! Both bands toured together &ldquo;back in the day&rdquo; so it makes a bit of sense but some of us never even dreamed we&rsquo;d see the <strong>Leif</strong> take to the stage again after they fizzled out years ago. Dave from that band is also moving away - to Australia in August - so again, it made a bit of sense that if it was going to happen it would need to be soon. </p> <p>Add to this Steve&rsquo;s other old band, <strong>The SWord</strong> (who also featured Matt from <strong>Dugong</strong>/<strong>The Brown Hound James Band</strong>), <a href=""><strong>The Dauntless Elite</strong></a> and <strong>Bear Trade</strong> (ex-<strong>Blocko</strong>/<strong>The Mercury League</strong>/<strong>The Mingers</strong>) and you pretty much have the UK melodic punk gig of the year. </p> <p>It all kicks off at The Packhorse, Leeds (where <strong>Joe Ninety</strong> played their first ever gig back in 1997) on the 15th June. I&rsquo;ve not been this excited about a single gig for years! This is gonna be mint and I for one can&rsquo;t wait! </p> New Peachfuzz album and free download <h4>The third album from Adam Jones and the lads will be released on Bombed Out Records this summer.</h4> <p>Things have been incredibly hectic in the <strong>Peachfuzz</strong> camp over the last few months. To start with, drummer Jon Roche left the band and bassist Lewis Kreft has taken more of a back seat role, leaving Adam to draft in a few musicians to fill out the band's live line-up, namely Iolo Edger, Nigel Cooke and Vaughan Jordan.</p> <p>None of which stopped the band writing and recording a new record in the form of <em>We Are Solid State</em>, a 10 track monster of an album that pushes the band's sound onwards and upwards. If you thought <em>Everything Takes Forever</em> covered everything this band is about then you might get a bit of a shock on first listen. <em>We Are Solid State</em> maintains the band's penchant for a solid pop song and the backing vocals are still present and correct but there's no doubt that the rock has been turned up to 11!</p> <p>We'll have more news on the album (and hopefully some gigs) shortly but in the meantime the band have uploaded the first song from the album, &quot;Down To Me&quot; and matched it up with a great little acoustic cover of &quot;Astro City 0.5&quot; (originally by fellow countrymen and BO favourites, <strong>Bedford Falls</strong>). You can stream and download this for free on the <a href="" title="Peachfuzz Bandcamp"><strong>Peachfuzz</strong> bandcamp page</a>. </p> <p>Enjoy!</p> Wooderson album and free download <h4>We're very proud to announce we'll be releasing the debut album from Sheffield-based post-punks Wooderson this summer.</h4> <p>The band have been around for a few years now and have released a demo, an EP and a brilliant split 7&quot; with <strong>Ox Scapula</strong> in that time. Now they've put together a 9 track album, titled <em>Let The Man Speak</em>, and it's utterly floored us (and, incidentally, Art For Blind Records who will once again be our collaborators on this). </p> <p>So what do they sound like? It seems almost pass&eacute; to mention <strong>Fugazi</strong> when referring to <strong>Wooderson</strong> these days but for once the reference is fully justified. Throw in a little <strong>Mission of Burma</strong> and <strong>Faraquet</strong> and you should definitely have a flavour of what this band are about. It's worth pointing out though that, as with all the best bands, <strong>Wooderson</strong> have taken those influences and still come up with a sound which is completely their own.</p> <p>As a taster for the album you can download a "pay what you like" digital single right now. Head on over to the <a href=""><strong>Wooderson</strong> bandcamp page</a> and grab the track &quot;Mint Condition&quot; along with the rather sublime b-side, &quot;Blowhard&quot;. We think you'll rather enjoy them.</p> <p>A full band page and more info will be up on this here website soon.</p> <p>Chuffed!</p> <p class="small">Photo above by Bart Pettman.</p> The Amistad tour & Four Dumb Kids reunion <h4>After playing a short run of gigs with The Dauntless Elite earlier in the year, The Amistad are heading back on't road.</h4> <p>The band are playing a load of gigs in the UK throughout April and May, including a couple of Scottish gigs, again with <strong>The Dauntless Elite</strong> and, believe it or not, a gig in Sheffield as <strong>Four Dumb Kids</strong>. <strong>Four Dumb Kids</strong> contained 3/4 of<strong> The Amistad</strong> and more or less evolved into said band, releasing a 7&quot; and an album in the process (have fun tracking those down!). I believe this is a one off reunion so try and make it if you can!</p> <p>The full tour as it currently stands:</p> <ul> <li>Sun 1st April - Fish Tank, Durham w/ <strong>ONSIND</strong>, <strong>Eric Ayotte</strong> and a film screening!</li> <li> Mon 2nd April - Portland Arms, Cambridge w/ <strong>MC iPod</strong> and <strong>Egos At The Door</strong></li> <li> Tue 3rd April - Fighting Cocks, Kingston w/ <strong>Vanilla Pod </strong>and <strong>7 Day Conspiracy</strong></li> <li> Wed 4th April - The Fleece, Bristol w/ <strong>Snuff</strong>, <strong>Vanilla Pod </strong>and <strong>Caves</strong></li> <li> Thu 5th April - Hobo's, Bridgend</li> <li> Fri 6th April - Red House, Sheffield w/ <strong>The Living Daylights</strong>, <strong>Lineker</strong> and <strong>Cordell</strong></li> <li> Fri 13th April - Bird's Nest, Deptford, London w/ <strong>Pure Graft</strong> and <strong>It's Not OK!</strong></li> <li> Sat 5th May - The Bay, Glasgow w/ <strong>The Dauntless Elite</strong>,<strong> Escape To Victory</strong> and <strong>C-Section Infection</strong></li> <li> Sun 6th May - Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh w/ <strong>The Dauntless Elite</strong></li> <li> Fri 18th May -Red House, Sheffield as <strong>Four Dumb Kids</strong> w/ <strong>Pudge</strong> and <strong>Pure Graft</strong></li> </ul> <p>Later in the year <strong>The Amistad</strong> will also be heading to the continent for some gigs around Europe. Will post those dates as soon as I have them.</p> The Dauntless Elite Euro-tour <h4><strong>The Dauntless Elite</strong> are off around Europe this week with their first gig in K&ouml;ln this Friday.</h4> <p>Go and say hello to the four intrepid explorers at one of the following:</p> <p>16th March - Aetherblissement - K&ouml;ln, Germany</p> <p>17th March - Nexus - Braunschweig, Germany</p> <p>18th March - Schokoladen - Berlin, Germany (early gig)</p> <p>19th March - TBC, Germany</p> <p>20th March - Immerhin - W&uuml;rzburg, Germany</p> <p>21st March - Red River - Heilbronn, Germany</p> <p>22nd March - Deep Inside - Dijon, France</p> <p>23rd March - La Miroiterie - Paris, France</p> <p>24th March - The Basement, Crossbone Fest - Houthalen, Belgium</p> <p>I look forward to all the incessant tour in-jokes that they'll come back with!</p> <p>Not only that but in May the band will be playing a handful of dates in Scotland with <strong>The Amistad</strong>. Will add all these to the gigs page as soon as I have them.</p> New Saturday's Kids 7" and tour dates <h4>The increasingly prolific South Wales band are back with a fantastic little 2-track 7&quot;</h4> <p>Really a double A-side,<strong> </strong>&quot;Grey On White&quot; is out next week and is our first 7&quot; release for quite some time. The title track is actually a re-recording of one of <strong>Saturday's Kids</strong>' older songs while &ldquo;Black Pocket&rdquo; is new and exclusive to this release. </p> <p>You can hear both tracks (and pre-order the record) <a href="">here</a>. Fans of the old Amphetamine Reptile/Touch And Go sound really need to hear this!</p> <p>Once again the record is being released in collaboration with Art for Blind and Time As A Color Records. </p> <p>To celebrate the release the band are embarking on a short tour with friends <strong>Ono Palindromes</strong>. Dates below:</p> <p>16th Feb 2012 Bristol - The Croft<br /> 17th Feb 2012 Kingston - The Cricketers<br /> 18th Feb 2012 Leeds - Escobar<br /> 19th Feb 2012 Nottingham - Chameleon Arts Cafe<br /> 20th Feb 2012 Portsmouth - Edge Of The Wedge<br /> 21st Feb 2012 London - Catch - Grey On white 7&quot; Record Release show with <strong>Holy State</strong><br /> 23rd Feb 2012 Newport - Barnabus Arts House - Welsh release show party with <strong>The Vestals</strong> and <strong>Effort</strong>, <a href="">tickets here</a></p> New Year/New Thanks <p>So another New Year/New Start has flown by without a hitch (running times? we laugh in the face of running times!). A stressful few months of preparation over the festive period culminating in a mere 10 hours of music.... But what a fantastic 10 hours of audible awesomeness they were!</p> <p>Thank you so much to everyone who came down (I know there were a few of you as once again The Well ran out of beer all too quickly!) and obviously special thanks to all the bands that played.</p> <p>To <strong>The Dauntless Elite</strong> for bringing the evening to a magnificent close; <strong>Above Them</strong> for &quot;the rock&quot; and also for bringing down their back-line for the day; <strong>Caves</strong> for making the trip all the way up to Leeds 2 years in a row; <strong>Bedford Falls</strong> for simply being bloody ace; <strong>The Amistad</strong> and <strong>Homebrew</strong> for doing us proud and playing as well as I've ever seen them; <strong>Saturday's Kids</strong> for taking the tea-time death-slot and still playing their heats out regardless; <strong>Coal Train</strong> for coming down and playing early despite having evening plans; <strong>Matadors</strong> and <strong>The Dead Reckoning</strong> for adding a touch of rock and roll to proceedings, with the latter filling in at short notice; <strong>Slow Science</strong> for basically being SOOOOO BLOODY GOOD IT HURTS; Matthew &quot;<strong>Brown Hound James</strong>&quot; Broadbent for playing the <strong>Dugong</strong> and <strong>Nathaniel Green</strong> hits and <strong>The Facts</strong> for kicking the whole day off in style.</p> <p>Phew... And to <strong>Zapiain</strong> and <strong>Peachfuzz</strong> who sadly couldn't make it: thanks for just being you.</p> <p>Finally thanks to Kev and Tom at The Well for doing what they do and to Jonathan Greenwood for his photo of <strong>Caves</strong> that you can see above. Good lads all of 'em.</p> <p>Will there be a NYNS 2013? Hmm... At this point in time who knows... But we won't let our 15th Anniversary pass us by without doing something. Watch this space I guess...</p> NYNS 2012 <h4>New Year/New Start returns to The Well in Leeds this January.</h4> <p>After the success of last year's all-dayer we decided to give it another whirl so... On the 28th January at 1pm <strong>The Facts</strong> will kick off what will be almost 10 hours of quality tuneage in Leeds.</p> <p>Our own <strong>The Dauntless Elite</strong>, who are celebrating the release of their fantastic second album, will headline, ably supported by the cream of the crop of the current UK DIY punk scene. From the indie-rock of <strong>Bedford Falls</strong> and <strong>Peachfuzz</strong> to the <strong>Sonic Youth</strong>-inspired noise of <strong>Saturday's Kids</strong>; from the street-punk anthems of <strong>Homebrew</strong> to the rock and roll swagger of <strong>Matadors</strong>, from the DC styled pop of <strong>Coal Train</strong> to the alt-country twang of <strong>The Brown Hound James Band</strong> - the full breadth of the UK scene is covered. </p> <p>Add to the above the brilliant <strong>Caves</strong>, <strong>Above Them</strong>, <strong>Slow Science</strong>, <strong>Zapiain</strong> and <strong>The Amistad</strong>. It's sure to be one hell of a day!</p> <p>For more information - visit the <a href="">NYNS website</a> or get social on <a href="">Facebook</a>.</p> <p>Also worth mentioning is the <a href="">New Year/Pre-Start</a> gig that's happening on the 27th January at The Fox And Newt. Then you'll be able to enjoy the sounds of <strong>Protectors</strong>, <strong>Digger Barnes</strong>, <strong>Achtung Everybody!</strong>, <strong>Jimmy Islip </strong>(of <strong>That Fucking Tank</strong>/<strong>The Magnificent</strong>/<strong>Eighty Six</strong>),and <strong>Get Human</strong> so why not make a Leeds weekend of it. </p> The Mighty 'Brew <h4>The second album arrives from these local legends.</h4> <p>Back once again with ten blasts of good, old fashioned street punk, <strong>Homebrew</strong> are calling <em>Last Orders</em>, in part because at one point this looked like being their final album (Dave was due to move abroad with work, putting the band on hiatus - something which has now been put off) in part a reference to the number of pubs that seem to be closing, running themselves down or just plain struggling in this current economic climate.</p> <p>Of course that climate hasn't effected the band. It took them 14 long years to come up with their debut album, <em>The Heart of Insurrection</em>, and yet this arrives only 2 years later - certainly a sign that the band are bordering on prolific in their old age... Or perhaps, in true punk rock tradition, they just needed a Conservative government under which to really find their rage?</p> <p>The album is once again a split with Boss Tuneage's punked-up little brother, X-Fist Records and the band will be playing a shit load of gigs in the new year to support it. </p><p>Up the punks!</p> Free Bombed Out Compilation <h4>A People's History of Bombed Out Records.</h4> <p>Here it is then - the compilation I've been tweeting about for about a year! Finally available as a free download either via our <a href="/store/index.php?cPath=32" title="Bombed Out Downloads">shop site</a> or on the <a href="" title="Bandcamp">Bombed Out bandcamp page</a>. If you just want to listen to the whole thing it's also <a href="/discography/bomb030/various-artists-a-people%27s-history-of-bombed-out-records">streaming on our site</a>.</p> <p>18 songs by the 18 (well 17... news on the other band soon...) bands that we've considered &quot;Bombed Out Bands&quot; since we kicked off the label way back in the summer of 1998 with that first <strong>Joe Ninety</strong> 7&quot;.</p> <p> This record essentially took 13 years to make, this is what we've built towards since the day we thought it'd be a pretty cool idea to release a 7&quot; record by some of our friends. 13 years of investment of our time, money, blood, sweat and (yep) tears. Some of the bands have since passed on but what they left behind was often glorious and we remain to continue to bask in that glory. So there.</p> <p>Thanks to Lee Ford and Paul Heys for the artwork, and Scott Stewert (<strong>Brocolli</strong>/<strong>Hard Skin</strong>) for the extra mastering and audio tweaks. Please download and enjoy.</p> <p>In other label news... The new album by <strong>The Dauntless Elite</strong> is now out, the 2nd <strong>Homebrew</strong> album is currently being pressed, a new <strong>Saturday's Kids</strong> 7&quot; is being lined up for release in January and the next New Year/New Start is shaping up nicely and will be on the 28th January. Expect more news soon...</p> More Bloody Bad News <h4><strong>The Dauntless Elite</strong>'s "tricky second album" will be out on Bombed Out later this summer.</h4> <p>Recorded back in February at Soundstation in Horbury (where else?), <em>More Bloody Bad News</em> will include the following tracks:</p> <ol><li> Saliva </li> <li>God Doesn't Believe I Exist</li> <li>Better Than Nowt </li> <li>Fizz </li> <li> I Don't Wanna Be A Transhuman </li> <li>Jack The Rippy </li> <li>Danson In The Dark / Don't Ask Me</li> <li>Weighed Down Blues </li> <li>Motion Sickness </li> <li>Silent Running </li> <li>Thinkles </li> <li>Sod This For A Game Of Soldiers</li> </ol> <p>The artwork for the album is being done by the lovable Joe Watson (<strong>Attack! Vipers!</strong> / <strong>Jets Vs Sharks</strong>) so you know it's going to be sweet. </p> <p>Once a release date is confirmed we'll let you know. Before that, a song from the album will show up on the free Bombed Out compilation that'll be coming along soon. More on that later in the month...</p> <p>In other <strong>Dauntless</strong> news the band are playing Out Of Spite XI this July and will also be supporting <strong>The Charlatans </strong>(yes, <strong>The Charlatans</strong>) along with <strong>Leatherface</strong> and more at the Sunderland Split festival on September 18th. For more on that visit <a href=""></a>.</p> Adam Jones from Peachfuzz unplugged <h4>The first in a series of free download-only releases, here's a lovely little EP from one of our favourite singer-songwriters in the scene, <strong>Peachfuzz</strong>'s Adam Jones. </h4> <p> What started out as a demo of songs that may have ended up being recorded with the full band for <strong>Peachfuzz</strong>'s upcoming third album, EP1 has grown into a neat little release unto itself and we thought this was too good for Adam to keep to himself. </p> <p> In some ways the EP follows on from the narrative started on the last <strong>Peachfuzz</strong> album, <em>Everything Takes Forever</em>, as Adam fleshes out the characters from the track on that album, &quot;Are We Broken?&quot; - an alternative version of that song acting as the bridge between the releases. The &quot;demo&quot; quality gives the songs a stripped down, authentic feel and gentle fragility that may seem a million miles away from a usual Bombed Out release... but at the same time it's not. The songs are great, the sentiment is genuine and the integrity is there. Standard innit.</p> <p> <a href="/discography/bomb029/adam-jones-(peachfuzz)-ep1" title="Adam Jones - EP1">Give it a listen</a> if you fancy something a little bit different and, if you like it, download away! </p>