Action Image Exchange

Action Image Exchange

Catalogue: bomb007
Formats: CD | 10"
Released: Aug 2001

Mixing the melodic and lyrical sensibilities of Dillinger Four with the all out bandana-thrash of What Happens Next?

Action Image Exchange (named after a Vic and Bob sketch) is the debut album from Leeds based Fig. 4.0. With 17 tracks in 20 minutes, this is pure, angry, socially aware hardcore punk the way it should be. Take the all-out bandana-thrash attack of What Happens Next? and infuse it with the left-field punk rock melody of Dillinger Four and you won't be far off. This is already a UK hardcore classic!

Also available on transparent red vinyl, with the 2nd CD press also looking slightly different.

Members of Fig. 4.0 went on to play in The Dauntless Elite, Offshore! Radio!, The Plight and many more great bands.


  2. Scapegoat
  3. Give up your Day Job
  4. Angst 4.0 the Memories
  5. A Stranger's Just a Cunt You've Never Met
  6. D.T.T.@.H.
  7. The Beating of Luke Morgan
  8. Your Wisdom, Our Youth
  9. "It's a Crog!"
  10. Red Ash
  11. Kill Yourself... Before I do it For You!!!
  12. Anything 4.0 a Quiet Life
  13. Because I'm Worth It
  14. The Lord Knows I'm Drinking
  15. Bouncers... Die!!!!
  16. Start Tomorrow
  17. Pissing at the Wind

Recorded and mixed April, 2001 at Soundstation Studios, Horbury. Engineered by Mark Sturgess.

Joe Alderdice - Vocals & Guitar
Matt Coy - Bass & Vocals
Andrew Kidd - Guitar & Vocals
Stephen Hastwell - Drums


  • Fig. 4.0 - Action Image Exchange
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