Hat Danko LP
by Dugong

Dugong - Hat Danko LP

Bombed Out Records


Reissue of Dugong's fantastic second album to mark it's 10th anniversary and Bombed Out's 15th anniversary.

Following on from 2001's The Eastmoor Rules, I don't think there were many that expected the leap that Dugong were to make between that fantastic record and this one.

While their debut album was a great melodic punk record it only hinted at what the band could be capable of. Hat Danko delivered on all fronts as the influences that crept into the bands sound prior to this are here fully explored.

The Karate influence is once again present on "They Never Saw The Magic" while "Vital Loop" has a full-on, late 90s emo feel to it. Then you get the perfect pop-punk of "Tonight This Is Perfect", the more refrained "Human Fade", the antagonistic "And Now We Are Men" and the alt-country twang of "The More Rivers You Cross The More You Know About Rivers".

To put it bluntly, each and every song on this record is a classic in its own right. Together they make for one of the most ambitious, varied (yet cohesive) and, above all else, strongest, releases we've ever put out.

It was with this in mind that we decided to celebrate both the 10th anniversary of Hat Danko's release and the 15th anniversary of Bombed Out with a limited edition LP reissue. The reissue will be released on 180g (that's the heavy stuff) white vinyl and will be wrapped in a lovely gate-fold sleeve.

Artwork, once again, by Paul Heys who wanted to update and move on a little from what he'd done with the CD artwork 10 years earlier. We hope you approve.

Final note: the LP version of the album contains 9 songs rather than 10. The track "Return to Form" will be included with the download but the band have chosen not to include it on the LP as, with band members having played different instruments on said track they didn't feel it quite fit in with the flow of the album.


  1. Honest Industry
  2. Tonight This is Perfect
  3. Vital Loop
  4. Human Fade
  5. And Now We Are Men
  6. The More Rivers You Cross The More You Know About Rivers
  7. The Legs that Carried Him
  8. Snakes! Why did it have to be Snakes?
  9. They Never Saw the Magic

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