Saturday's Kids

Saturday's Kids

Catalogue: bomb028
Formats: 10"
Released: Apr 2011

From South Wales, Saturday's Kids play fuzzed up and grungy post-punk that is sophisticated beyond the band's years.

Having already released a couple of demo's, a split with their friends Évariste Galois, their debut 7" on Art For Blind Records and, most recently, a split 10" with Kids Return, this is Saturday's Kids first all-to-themselves 10" and a beauty it is too.

Taking influence from the likes of Sonic Youth, ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead, Pissed Jeans, Mission of Burma and Fugazi (phew!) this record sees the band expanding their sound a little, resulting in some fantastically sprawling soundscapes and tense, building, guitar work that isn't afraid to let loose in a way that few bands of this type ever do. You see, Saturday's Kids are still a punk band at heart and, as the final minutes of songs like "I Am A Runner" and "Neurological Design" prove, they're a bloody good one at that.

This release is a collaboration between ourselves, Art For Blind Records and Time As A Color Records and comes wrapped is some great artwork from Christopher Guest. An mp3 download code is included with each record.


  1. I am a Runner
  2. Neurological Design
  3. Empty Space
  4. Pillow
  5. The Old Comedians

Sion Thomas - vocals & guitar
Rhys Briggs - vocals & bass
Jordan Everitt - guitar
David Sandford - drums


  • Saturday's Kids - The Lunatic
  • Saturday's Kids - Grey On White
  • Saturday's Kids - Saturday's Kids
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